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About Me

I love what I do...

A high priority in my job is to keep a lot of personal information private, we do a very good job of this. Because I know so much about a clients personal and financial life, I figure it's only fair to share some of my life with you; from painting cars, raising chickens, having been a power seller on eBay, shooting an amazing hook shot that went viral on YouTube, to founding my own company in a garage in San Luis Obispo.


I received my B.S. in Business Administration from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Graduated Cum Laude with a concentration in financial management. GO MUSTANGS!!! My degree was not a requirement of this industry, however, I believe it was instrumental in my growth as a professional. My clients have the comfort of knowing that I am very knowledgeable in the field of financial management. I was also a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, an honors society for collegiate schools of business.

Aside from formal education, I started in the mortgage business when I was sixteen processing loans. I received my DRE license a couple months before I graduated college and proceeded to get my broker's license shortly after that and have been running PCMC ever since.

PCMC's origination

It was December of 2004, I was living in San Luis Obispo and finding a job in a college town where there is lots of cheap labor was not easy. So it was time to start my own company. One of my best friends and I talked about a name that would make sense, we love California and the west coast, so why not go simple and Pacific Coast Mortgage Company was born. Another very good friend of mine helped with the logo design, here are some of her original sketches. The final product turned out very nicely:

There are a lot of strange rules when starting/running a mortgage company and those rules have a lot to do with pulling a consumer credit report. The most difficult hurdle the bureaus put in place at the time was the need for separate office space (a detached building, preferably commercial). I could not afford to rent office space, and needed to find something with a separate building for PCMC to grow. I found a beautiful little condo off Bluebell Way that had a detached single stall garage. It was perfect. Rented it with one of my best friends and we got to work.

This company was created by someone that is very frugal and likes to save money, what better business to get into where you get to help people save thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. It's a wonderful industry and we plan on being around for some time to come.


Farming: Since I was a young boy I have always had chickens. Started raising them a little more seriously as I have grown up. I have hatched hundreds and given them away to friends and family. Recently I have taken up gardening and so far it has been very productive, though the chicks are always the highlight. We have also had a few turkeys over the years. I do have a classic John Deere lawn tractor that helps greatly with the operation.

Sports: I have always been involved in sports and extremely competitive.  I played soccer for 8 years and baseball for 12 and continued playing baseball through my second year of college. I also enjoy playing pool, ping pong, basketball, tennis and golf.

Fishing: I absolutely love fishing. I have made numerous trips to the Sierras, a few to Montana and Wyoming and most recently, New Zealand. I have just started salt water fishing but my passion is the river. Nothing beats fishing a snow-fed mountain stream in the middle of summer.

Classic Cars: One of my passion is cars. I have been working on them before I could drive. My first car was a 1967 Mustang. The next project, a 1971 Dodge Challenger. That was my "baby" all the way through college. I did the majority of the work myself with the help of some friends. We did all the body work and painting in our garage. Pulled the motor out ourselves, rebuilt it, and completely rewired the entire electrical system. That was fun. Here are some before and after pictures:



Below is a picture of the '67 mustang.  Unfortunately, the boy I sold it to crashed it three weeks after he took possession. I didn't have a camera in 1995 to take before pictures, but the Mustang looked just as bad as the Challenger when I first got it. Click here, to see a picture of me greased up working on a friend's car back in 1999.

1967 Mustang

eBay: I have been a member of eBay for well over 10 years now. I dealt mostly with small collectibles, as they were much easier to ship. Check out my rating with well over 2000 feedback. I have had a wonderful time within the eBay community and met a lot of people from all over the world. Check out my Star Recognition Program Certificate. I did eventually update my user ID to mypcmc, mostly for SEO purposes.

NES: At one point in time I owned every original Nintendo game made in the United States. Not only that, I also was able to acquire every original box, manual, insert and map for each individual game, it was a pretty impressive collection. Sold it all on eBay.

Because of the extensive collection I ended up developing a price guide for all of the original items. I don't know how popular it got, but still to this day I get an email every so often asking for a copy of the file, click here to see the entire list of items, it was last updated in 2002.

I have grown up a little bit since my Nintendo and eBay days but acquired a rather interesting skill over the years. Have you ever played horse (the basketball game where you spell out H-O-R-S-E)? Having played since I was a child, I developed a skill that helped me put away the competition: left-handed hook shots-


Click here if the video doesn't show above to see it on YouTube. Again, user ID was updated on YouTube to mypcmc for SEO purposes.


     Like most people it seems, I did get into photography for a little while. Here is a sample of some of the pictures I took over the years:

There is a lot more to share, in time. As mentioned above, a client's anonymity is the most important part of my job but knowing your broker is an important part of your job when working with someone in this business. You need to trust that person, and if you don't, I would strongly suggest working with someone else.

Now lets close some loans and save some money!!!

David Schuman-

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CA DRE Lic. #01429591
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